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On 20th February 2019 the author completed 50 days + 50 nights of fasting under 12 hours standard work conditions. Soon after that, on Saturday 02nd March 2019, he invited 300 friends for a public lecture on medical fasting at the Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang: at the end of the Q&A session – in which also his wife & daughter shared with the audience their recent first-time experiences from their three and five weeks fasting sessions – the audience applauded enthusiastically and was apparently encouraged to go for their own personal first time fasting sessions in the near future !

Public & private lectures are available by the author !

In response to the many enquiries received by the author of

"Fasting for Managers"

eISBN 978-967-15668-0-0

from several countries soon after his eBook was published the author decided to accept requests for personal presentations of the multiple, greatly encouraging information published to some extent in his book resulting from his twenty years of occasional fasting !